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singingflames's Journal

L M Hicks
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I'm a huge fan of the animated series Avatar the Last Airbender. I have an Avatar tribe on Tribe.net. Check us out here. I've also been trying my hand at Oekaki (Japenese for 'doodle' or 'scribble'). It's online computer art using a low resolution program. I've posted my few pictures up at my deviantART page. They're almost all Avatar.

I really can't tell you how great Avatar is. It's absolutely amazing. If you haven't seen it, you really should. The first two DVDs are available, with the third one coming out any day. Rent them, they're worth it. Superb graphics (many people believe it's anime - it's actually not), evovling characters, ongoing and in-depth plot, great humor, everything is awsome. Check it out.